Each client is special, each project unique!

About Us

    Proudly Western Australian,

it has met with ease, the request of its clients and challenging sites.

Westmade Homes are constantly meeting the needs of alternative construction. Often the site will be one that poses potential challenges but this only adds to the constructive edges and flair that Westmade has to offer.


Innovation in construction methods gives us our competitive edge. Being a custom design home builder is a significant undertaking and in the competitive design and construction space, keeping up with new processes is forefront with us. 


The client builder relationship that is developed is one that we value, built on trust and honesty, always being open with new ideas and opinions. Westmade Homes  are proud to say that the relationships founded are ones that continue to grow and mature long after he project is completed.



    You can take comfort from the fact that the

person you deal with owns the business!



Westmade Homes are proud to say that they will endeavour to stay the builder they always have been, small yet strong


     Each client is special, each project unique. 


Some background about the Directors:

Westmade Homes originated in 1994 by Michael and Terry Moffatt.  Both Michael and Terry's background was carpentry which provided a sound building base and very hands on experience. Ultimately our success in this business is measured one project at a time. Michael's ambition at the completion of a project -

"We have one satisfied client - one who will ask us back for the next project and recommend us to others"


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