At Westmade Homes, we like to think that as the industry moves forward with a focus to more sustainable homes,  we are at the forefront in building efficient and
sustainable homes be it timber or steel framing.  

Advantages of Building Framed Home Construction

At Westmade Homes, we are seeing a strong demand for structural timber or steel framed homes. 

Generally speaking, there are factors that need to be considered such as the site location and the constraints to the site and also the requirements of the project.

The clear advantage for timber or steel framing is the thermal performance and secondly, speed of construction give it a competitive advantage over traditional brick and mortar construction.

A high level of sound insulation can be achieved with high performance sound acoustic batts which have

an in-built ability to deaden sound transference.

A definite plus for an eco-friendly home is the factor that only responsibly sourced timber is utilised.  

Today, the industry has a new generation of innovative cladding and fascia finishes enabling unique ascetics and design possibilities.

Framed construction can be incorporated in

city or rural homes combining classic,
         timeless appeal or providing stunningly contemporary designs

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