Westmade Homes would love to welcome ILVE to the team. Westmade Homes are very similar love for the land, innovative spirit and craftsmanship.

ILVE was founded in 1952 in Campodarsego, a province of Padova, Italy. ILVE’s success is due to their extraordinary planning and production flexibility, along with a high level of specialisation, that allows them to meet any cook’s needs, no matter how demanding. ILVE has one of the the widest range of products in the world today and the construction quality is unrivaled. This is why our appliances are high-performing, multi-functional and, most importantly,reliable. They are created to last, easy to use and designed to safely satisfy common needs and design tastes. ILVE appliances are directly inspired by professional ranges and are used by great chefs to create their masterpieces. ILVE produces cooking units that are not just attractive to look at, they also act as professional tools for the home cook both in their performance and reliability.

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