The Hampton Buzz

There is a real buzz in the office at present as we are working with two clients on a Hampton themed fully clad timber framed homes. This is just one of our specialities - timber framed homes and our construction team all enjoy working with timber construction.

The Hampton theme with a more modern twist is trending here in Perth particularly along the coastal and hills suburbs. This classic style combined with some old fashioned rustic influences just conjures up that dreamy coastal or rural lifestyle. The trick is to throw in some modern finishes like powder- coated windows, doors and balconies and you have more time to enjoy the beach or the tranquillity of the country side!

From the front door throughout, there are some essential items that complete the look. Our consultant on board, here at Westmade Homes, Sallyanne Bond, her speciality being kitchen designs, has come up with the perfect feel for the kitchen and the client is just wrapped.

We are so looking forward to seeing these homes underway. If you want some inspiration and tips to your design, we are only too happy to provide advice and we will provide that ”must have” front door mat.

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