Buzz word ~ Eco-Friendly

On the topic of buzzwords, the current buzz word in the construction industry is..

Eco- friendly

Timber framed construction is a way forward to meet the needs of efficient cost effective and affordable housing. Sustainable and affordable housing is a current topic with planners and designers everywhere. Around the world, design taste changes and housing is no exception.

Our designers are making inventive use of some of the latest cladding out on the market. Even the classic timeless style of the Hampton is seeing a strong uptake here in our office in Perth.

Westmade Homes

Talk to us about a design utilising framed construction that combines functionality, durability with very individual aesthetics, and can be very contemporary in expression.

Timber framed construction is a versatile, cost effective, sustainable alternative to conventional brick construction and is the perfect fit for today’s environmental concerns.

We can provide all the advice to achieve optimum passive design delivering a very efficient home.

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