Bringing connection to nature

Bringing connection to nature or as they say “bringing the outside inside, in home design”.

Definitely, the important design trend is about connecting the outside with the living space of a house. It is a well-known fact that we, as humans, need that connection with nature and there is a wealth of articles to how plants are beneficial to our health, not just in the home but in work spaces as well.

Our designers are focused to creating designs that enable the family to have that visual sensory connection with nature. Natural light is essential for well-being as well and consideration for allowing breezes to bring in fresh air. All good for the soul.

Another design factor we recommend to bring in the outdoor is the choice of materials such as natural fibres, textures and patterns. Think about softening the flooring with natural flooring instead of cold man-made concrete. Products that are inspired by nature to transition to the outside area.

It is about indoor and outdoor merging and creating that interaction we need to a healthy lifestyle.

Bringing connection to nature…

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