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"Each client is special - each project is unique!"

Westmade Homes was established in 2003 and soon became the leading builder of framed homes in Western Australia. As a family owned and  operated Perth based builder, we find it straight forward to work with difficult sites and the needs of our clients.

We constantly meet the expectations of alternative construction. Sites frequently present potential challenges, but this only helps to highlight Westmade Homes inventiveness and constructive edges.
Our competitive advantage comes from innovation in our construction process. Being a custom home builder is a big responsibility, and in the competitive design and construction industry, staying up to date on innovative techniques is a top priority for us.
We appreciate the relationships with our client, because they are based on openness to fresh ideas and viewpoints as well as on honesty and trust. Westmade Homes takes great pride in stating that the relationships created last long after the project is finished.
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