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Lisa & Malcolm

We were referred to Westmade Homes by our friends’ due to Westmade Homes building their home a number of years previous to ours. 
We had spent many, many months researching value for money and the cost effectiveness of builders within the Perth Hills region. Coincidentally when we finalised the house design, and approached our architect for their recommendation of a builder who could meet our build and quality requirements’…they also recommended Westmade Homes as the builder of choice.
On completing our research and recommendations from multiple sources approached Westmade Homes for an initial build scope and cost estimate. From the first meeting we were made to feel clients of value, by a builder who offered quality service with no hidden costs.
The work scope was accurate, based on our needs, with the latest top-quality products and finishes that clearly met our vision of the final build of our grand design. The contour and layout of the block pushed the technical aspects of the build…which Westmade Homes managed to construct and deliver a brilliant house build experience.
During the build, no problem was left unchecked or incomplete. We always received a prompt response (most often within the same day) to any queries we sought clarification on relating to the build. 
Westmade Homes were extremely professional and well organised in every way including areas such variations to work scope. All variations were documented and kept track of in an orderly fashion with no confusion, hidden costs or unwanted surprises at final payment. 
The selection and finalisation of colours and finishes for tiles, benches, cupboards etc was supported with an interior decorator. Their network of suppliers provided the latest electrical goods & appliances’ at lowest possible costs and quality. Every build meeting was a delightful time saving experience with no fuss where our requirements were listened to and addressed in a prompt and professional manner.

Melissa & Michael

Westmade Homes were very professional and helpful throughout all stages of our build from concept design to completion. Their focus at all times was providing a quality end result that remained within our design brief and budget. They constantly kept us updated on progress and regularly made suggestions for improvements along the way. We are thrilled with our completed renovation and highly recommend them.

Candice & Stephen

After extensive research and meetings with several builders, we chose to build our new home with Westmade Homes, and it's one of the best decisions we've made! 

From the beginning, the team at Westmade Homes have delivered practical solutions, been honest about the building process, and most importantly, listened respectfully and provided a fantastic open line of communication. 

Westmade Homes ensured the whole build was a harmonious collaboration, with each trade delivering an outstanding level of finish, and the overall process was expertly managed. 

I cannot recommend them highly enough, as the process of building was positive, filled with excellent outcomes at each stage, and has resulted in a spectacular home that's a dream to live in.

I'm grateful to Michael, Simon, Steve, and the entire Westmade Homes team for a phenomenal experience and for our beautiful home. I'd happily build with them again.

Andrew & Cassie

We built a custom-built, architecturally-designed residence. It's our dream home that our family had wanted to live in for many, many years, so we decided to build this home for ourselves. I chose Michael mainly because of the quality and the faith that I had in him to produce the home that I was expecting. I know we got quotes that were cheaper, but I was confident that the person that I was dealing with, which was Mike, was the person that was actually going to be overseeing the construction of my home. That gave me a lot of faith in the whole process, rather than being pitched to by a salesperson. I think the process of building of a home is always a more stressful period in your life. Mike managed to help in the process because he was very approachable and I had a good rapport with him and Simon, who were the people that we were dealing with the majority of the time. I guess it's one of those events that isn't going to be stress-free, but the professionalism and easygoing nature of both Mike and Simon and their extensive knowledge base did help with the building process. Our friends and family absolutely love our house. They just think it is amazing. I guess to us, it becomes home very quickly and you appreciate living in such a nice house. They just always remarked on how nice it is, the quality, and essentially, that it is just a beautiful home which we're very lucky to live in. There was certainly no issues with regards to the time frame and requests to get the house finished quite quickly in order for us to move in. Mike did everything in his power to make that happen, so it was certainly much appreciated. The supervisor of our home was Michael, the director, and he had performed very, very well. We had a lot of dealing with Mike and Simon. Again it was really a case of the lines of communication being open. I certainly had no qualms with how the supervision process was carried out throughout the build. I would certainly recommend them to other people, and if I was to build again, I would certainly give Mike and his team a call. If anyone was considering using Mike, I would say just to enjoy the process and keep the lines of communication open. Probably one of the main benefits of using them is to tap into Mike and Simon's knowledgebase. They're very flexible, so it's just a case of keeping those lines of communication open and you'll get the product that you wish for

Garry & Jessie - Anne

As a measure of our satisfaction with the builder we asked ourselves, Would we build again with Westmade Homes? "Yes" Without any hesitation.
It was reasurring to us that our supervisor Michael was also a part owner of the business. 
Our build was not easy being built on a sloping five acre block in Lower Chittering with a skillion roof and the floor pad being on three levels. Our floor is polished concrete and all interior finish has been done to a high standard.
We were a little wary of how long the build may take being situated an hours drive northeast of Joondalup. We need not have worried as we moved into the house exactly twelve months from the sitworks commencing. There were tradesmen on site every week, a testament to Michael and his teams organisational skills. Unlike some other builders lockup requirements, we had access to the house from day one to the end.
Westmade company were very obliging and fair with little changes we made during the build.
After handover was completed we decided to add some exterior decking and stairs to the existing deck. Michael arranged all of the tradesmen for us and travelled here to supervise when necessary. This job would have been near impossible for us to arrange as our expierence shows, tradesmen are reluctant to travel here for a small job.
Any little problems that have occured since the completion, Westmade have been very quick to sort out.
Michael shows great pride in his builds, is obliging, friendly and was always easy to contact. The sub contractors he uses have a great deal of respect for his quality work.

Simon & Ilona

Thankyou to the Westmade Homes team for making our design dreams come true. Your commitment to go the extra mile was unwavering. If we liked something in a magazine Simon sourced it, if there was a better way to build  it Michael explained it. The relationship and trust between ourselves and Westmade was very important to us to deliver our dream home, as the design was very personal to us and our family.

Your flexibility in building on time and on budget was very appreciated.

Mark & Alison

We have built twice with Westmade Homes and are in the process of building our third project. With each project we have finished with a first class home and the process was a pleasure.

Builder Michael Moffatt is extremely knowledgeable, approachable, understanding, employs first class tradesman and materials. At no stage in the construction of either home did we have reason to doubt the quality and standard.

Thanks once again.

David & Kristen

Having Westmade Homes build our home was fantastic. We had never built a home before and our building site was in a difficult situation. Westmade gave us brilliant advice to get the most from our budget and guided us in our all our decisions without us feeling that they had taken control. We now have our dream home that we are very proud to show, and it is without any reservation that we recommend Westmade Homes.
When designing our home, we were looking for a modern design, that would blend in with a traditional suburb and surrounding beautiful trees.  Not many builders were sympathetic to our desires or interested changing their building style to meet the requirements. Finding Westmade Homes was a breath of fresh air and the key to a successful project. They built us a wonderful home that met all our requirements and that we are very proud of. We have no hesitation in recommending Westmade Homes to others looking to build.


Glen & Michel

We want to write a big thank-you to Michael and Westmade Homes for helping us build our dream home.

As we designed an original home, we had to find a builder that would help us follow through. Not just any project home builder, we wanted someone that would be happy to build something a little bit different.

Michael is very easy going, approachable and easy to talk with (very important with all the phone calls back and forth!!). As we were first home builders, Michael was always happy to explain how and why and he would also offer suggestions of what could or would work with the plans.

Michael and his crew were always friendly and professional in their work.

We have ended up with a wonderful home that would not be like it is, if not for Westmade Homes. Michael is always welcome for a coffee in our home.



Westmade homes were outstanding throughout our build! After hearing so many horror stories about the home building process, we conducted a lot of research and decided to put our Trust in Michael Moffatt and his team at Westmade being our first time building. Although very anxious to begin with because we were living and working in a remote location while building, we soon realised we had made the right decision. Michael was very accommodating for us and arranged every stage of the build to align with our availability to be able to view the progress and be involved with selections and decisions throughout the process. We are proud of our new family home that Westmade has built for us. Michael was honest, open and easily contactable at all times which made it easy for us have any concerns answered in a short time-frame. I would Highly recommend Michael and his team at Westmade.